KnowTerms & Conditions


A refund will be payable if it applies to the rules and regulations set by the Tripsansar. If any of the complications happen in our set destination or seasons are unfavorable then you can claim for a refund, our team will analyze the situation if conditionals are applicable we will refund or surcharge your amount with the applicable charge.

Airlines Rules

Airline Rule and regulations mostly depend on the traveling institutions. We will organize your ticketing according to your need and airline availability. Further, flight check-in checks out and appropriate air arrangements fall under the Airlines' rules and regulations. 

Ticketing Issue

We will do our best to organize a suitable ticketing functionality for you. Some of the ticketing issues are easily solvable for us and some others are associated with the airlines, we do not have the right to solve them.


If you have an order ticket from the other third party we are unable to process any cancellation. We will make cancellation easy if you booked the ticket directly with us or from the website. Solid reasoning will cancel the ticket however this cancellation comes with certain charges.


Rules of reissuing the ticket are associated with airline rules. We will appeal to get the best deal while reissuing the ticketing via us.

System Issues

While processing a ticket if any kind of system error occurs and you find yourself in a complex situation we will amend this with a certain charge. The condition here is it is applicable for only one time.


Prices are valid for any type of payment. Credit cards, cash, cheque bank transfer, or any other payment application are accepted. These payments have to be on business days.