KnowPassport and Visa Information for Bhutan

Passport Requirements:

  • Validity: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Bhutan.

Visa Requirements:

  • Tourist Visa:

    • Travelers to Bhutan are generally required to obtain a tourist visa. Tourist visas for Bhutan are not issued directly by embassies or consulates abroad.
    • Tourist visas for Bhutan are usually processed through licensed Bhutanese tour operators. Therefore, you need to plan your visit to Bhutan through an authorized tour operator.
    • The tour operator will handle the visa application process on your behalf.
  • Sponsoring Agency:

    • All tourists to Bhutan must travel through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator, who will serve as the sponsoring agency.
  • Visa Approval Letter:

    • Once your travel arrangements are confirmed, the Bhutanese tour operator will obtain a visa approval letter for you from the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).
  • Visa Fee:

    • The visa fee is included in the overall tour package cost. Bhutan operates on a policy of high-value, low-impact tourism, and the daily tariff is set by the government.
  • Entry Permit:

    • Upon arrival in Bhutan, your visa approval letter will be used to obtain an entry permit at the immigration checkpoint.